Hello, in this article you will learn what this magazine you can visit and see in this city ! This city is very large, has many green spaces, many supermarkets , many malls and most notably , a museum and a theater. In green spaces you can see some squirrels, many birds . In the supermarkets you can find any kind of food you want ! And in malls find many designer clothes , bags, shoes , accessories, hair accessories . At the museum you can see the skeletons of dinosaurs and many other things from the past. When you see operetta theater art made ​​by great artists . If you stay at a hotel in the center of town you will see beautiful morning crowd , quiet and tranquility of the evening. If you are staying somewhere outside the city , you will see people happy tranquility of waves and laughter ! Forest in the center is very thick and you will find squirrels , birds and even rabbits. The silence of the forest is eternal , only voice you hear The tiny creatures . The café in the center " Gucci Cafe " a taste of what will best coffee ! The pizzeria in the center of what will taste best pizza . And if you are vegetarian you can taste what the best vegetarian food in town, the restaurant in the center. You can get a cake to what best friends Confectionary in town! What is downtown ! City attraction is the circus ' Fantasy Animals " , there you will have a great time with dragalasele animals ! And what of the second attraction of the city is Mike , monkey zoo Wonder of Tigerman . Thank you for reading this article !

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We know that Bucharest is a very beautiful city from our country , and is too its capital. But our city , Brasov is as beautiful as Bucharest . The difference is that this city is such a little than the capital , but it's a very beautiful and interesting history centre. What can we say about it? Look around this city! Along it you can see the mountains and the forests' beauty. It's so excited to see that this little city is surrounded by mountains. I think you're asking yourself "Why is this little city so beautiful?". But the answer is simple. Out of this mountains beauty , Brasov is full of turistic centres. Something very special is the Black Church , a very old church but very important for our lives and for our culture. Of course , there are another centres like : The Black Tower ,The string's street and another curches. The "counsel market" and The First Romanian school are a part of this beautiful city. And there're a lot of fellwoships sky and many other like these...
In the end , Brasov looks like a little town , but in real life , this is a very beautiful city from Romania and is also beautiful and see it , you can discover more about romanian history. 
                          sper ca e bine .:D no internet , no google translate. Good luck!
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