Urgent-dau 30 puncte
trebuie in vre-o 15-20 randuri sa imi exprim opinia in legatura cu propozitia asta:
"Some people judge others by the presents they receive from them."

Asta ii cerinta:
State your oppinion about this matter in at least half a page

va rog sa imi lasati comenturi daca stiti si o sa scrieti...



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
In my opinion,  the act of judging someone by the present you get from them is very wrong.  People should be grateful for the act of giving, not what that person gives them .   Their willingness is worth more than any present. It is better for someone to give something not so impressive  to you with love, then to give you the best present in the world, but they do it without love, they do it out of  shame, not out of friendship and/or love. After all, anyone would be ashamed if he would be the only one who didn't give someone a gift on an important event. You should always look at how someone gives a present to you, not what the present they give to you is. Of course this doesn't means that  they can gift you anything useless, for example a broken phone, but  they gifting you a different shirt from the one you would have wanted should not make you judge them.
        Thus,  judging people by a present they get from them is very wrong, and especially  being mean and acting bad with someone for something like this could ruin an otherwise perfect friendship, so you should always think about how they give you the present, not what the present is.
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