My dear fellow ... He's good at school because: school learn wonderful things that you did not know ... And the school will help you in your career! Now in order that you can not do anything without school ... That's why I want you good, and I want to be a man based on. I advise you that you are colegq ... but you'll choose your fate ...
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School is the best invention in the world but I think some people say that without it we can not exist, we can not help injured people because we do not know how, because we can not be polycystic stium not catch criminals, but not the same thought colleague my. My colleague Ianis thinks school is a waste of time that is required to do so to take its parintiilui phone teblete long ... but all I explain that is something else .In a day when finished tursurile I asked him to stand a little to it put to a test to see how it is if you do not know, when he saw that it did not know that he has no time left. rugato following day Madame de mati show is to give him a hard test, but false aratama to them that the school does something worthwhile in life. The third day was very angry taken note so I said all I had to say and have realized that I take a lot dreptatae. But it did not happen on time, it was a letter sent by the teacher which ajutato in educating many children especially in educating my fellow Ianis.