These examples of student's work are wrong.Write them correctly without changing the words underlined.
1.The pupils didn't never behaved badly.
The pupils never behaved badly
2.One girl didn't know nobody in the States.
3. Most people had never seen nothing like it.
4.Nobody did nothing wrong.
5.There isn't nobody in the computer room.
6.Dave doesn't never swims in the sea.
7.I haven't been nowhere in the last week.
8.It's important to don't panic.
9. Have not you done your nomework?



1. never behaved; 2. anybody; 3. fără 'never' ; 5. There is nobody; 4. 'anything' in loc de 'nothing' ; 6. fără 'doesn' t'; 7.'anywhere' și nu 'nowhere' ; 8. 'not to panic' ; 9.'haven't you done your homework? ' Exercițiul a urmărit corectarea' dublei negații' care nu e permisă în engleză.
Cuvintele subliniate NU trebuie schimbate: "without changing the words underlined"
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2. One girls didn't know anybody in the States.
3. Most people had never seen anything like it.
4. Nobody did anything wrong.
5. There isn't anybody in the computer room.
6. Dave never swims in the sea.
7. I haven't been anywhere in the last week.
 8. It's important not to panic.
9. Have you done your homework?
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