Am nevoie de o scrisoare in limba engleza pe care i-o adresez unui operator tv cum ca as fi indignat deoarece a Folosit informații false despre orașul meu si nu imi place asa ceva. Trebuie sa aibă undeva la 20-25 rânduri. Mersiii



Dear Mr. BOB, As I was watching your documentary last night, I noticed that the name of my town was spelled wrongly. Besides that, the places you had chosen to relate about were inadequately compared to our capital. Let me remind you that my town is the most precious place for having Dacians' reliquary spotted on the international magazines all over the world, and this would be one of the reasons for not demolishing old sites to build modern hypermarkets or banks around this historical place. I would like to underline that our Mayor is a good leader who has a great deal of common sense. Hoping for a better understanding of my town and our traditions, Yours, PEYSTE TOM