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Trebuie despre ambele, sau e la alegere?

Eh, in orice caz,  iti spun unul despre vapor:

   Travelling by ships  is a very beutiful experience.
   It's very relaxing and calm, and  one of the main parts in it is sightseeing,The ocean is usually full of  beutiful  animals, like dolphins, its an amazing experience to see them playing in the water and swimming, happly laughing at you as you watch them from the ship.  It has its own beuty, but every rose has its thorns. 
     Although there are many beutiful things in travelling by ship, it has its own disadvantages. Icebergs are still dangerous, and  you can fall into the water and drown. It's also not one of the fastest ways of travelling, it takes time to travel by ship, but  that's also a good thing if you like being in the ocean and just relax. It might also cost a lot and sometimes it can be bad for your health sincesome ships report major health problems like  food poisoning and flu.
    Overall it's a nice experience , but can also be dangerous sometimes.

Uh , scuze, nu cred ca am timp azi :/ A intervenit ceva, imi pare nespus de rau, pana cand iti trebuia compunerea?
Pana luni stai lin :3
Ok , ma pun sa scriu compunerea aacum.
Just like travelling by ships, travelling by train also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Sightseeing is possible in trains too, and it can be more relaxing then travelling by plane or by car. It's more confortable, and you can do many stuff while travelling, for example reading. Some trains also have wireless internet connection, and some have showers too for long trips. The water supply is, however, limited and small, so it might not be the most confortable, but still usable.
When taking speed into consideration, sometimes it can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Sometimes a train is faster then other vehicles, but sometimes it can be slower, it depends on your destination. Also, food is more diverse when travelling by train, unlike travelling by plane for example. There are also beds for a comfortable sleep.
Overall, travelling by train has its advantages and disadvantages, but still I prefer travelling by train over travelling by car. Asta a fost :)