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I am watching TV.
You are waiting for us.
He is swimming for 2 hours.
She is having a bath.
We are meeting at 5 PM.
They are leaving tomorrow morning.
I am learning Chinese.
You are studying French.
They are giving her a prize.
He is caring the baby.

I am not waiting here.
You are not doing it.
He is not going to the party.
She is not going to shopping.
I am not buying this shirt.
We are not leaving the country.
They are not coming here.
She is not calling me.
He is not arguing with her.
I am not drinking.

Are you driving ?
Is she waiting for us ?
Is he taking a picture ?
Are you buying this ?
Are we leaving soon ?
Are you sleeping ?
Are they dreaming ?
Is he joking ?
Is she going there ?
a 10-a de la interogative unde e ?
Are you kidding me ?