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We always have an ideal holiday. I don't know if i have an ideal holida y .... What can I say about my holidays? I like a lot Christmas holidays because I received a  lot of presents from all my family , and I like too to play with the snow , with my friends outside , and I like too the Christmas holiday because , ( but I don't know) that I'm feeling very very good because of the happines whic is all around us. And  I like to the Easter holiday because then is very beautiful outside , is not hot , and is not cold ... Is something special on the Easter holiday... All of us are happy and I like to leave in happiness... And , of course, I like the summer holiday which is the most speacial for me. about 3 months I'm playing outside with my friends , I play games on the computer ,I read all day , I eat icecream , and I go to the sea and to the mountains. But , for me , these three are not the ideal holiday....
 Do you want to know what I think about the ideal holiday? I think that an ideal holiday is not a holiday like this... Or , this holiday can't be for us , the children. Somehow , when I'll be an adult  my ideal holiday it'll be when I'll go in another  countries , alone , with no friends , to discover new people and new places!      This is all what I want! For exemple  I'd like very much to go to America because it's a beautiful countries and I like a lot to meet new people and have new relationships! It'll be great to visit a lot of new and interesting places like sckyscrapers or something like this...  
   Now I hope that you understand what is the real holiday for meee!! 
            sper ca e bine.. :)) no google translate , no dictionary.. Succes! 
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My ideal holidays I want to tell about my ideal holidays. I am going to write about summer holidays in Palanga. One day I and my friends decided that enough to sit at home and need to do something interesting. So we decided to go to Palanga. Our group was composed from four people: I, my boyfriend, his brother and cousin. We packed lagguages, sat to the car and after five hours we were in Palanga. . We rented a flat, brought all the things inside and went to the beach. The beach was crowded. We lied on the warm sand and started to sunbathe. Sun was very warm and it was so good! Sea was very quied and we decided to go to swim. The water was cold but we swam, played and splashed as if it was warm. In the evening we came back from the beach, and then we all had a shower and went to the town. Our stomaches were growling with hunger. We went into the cafe to have a dinner. When we got full we went for a walk into Basanavičius alley. There was a lot of funfairs. We went to the horror room, after that to the big wheel, witch turned as very fast. It was so exciting! After this dispots we went to the club. There our group drank some cocktails and went to dance. Some hours later we all went back to the flat and quickly fall to sleep. Next day we woke up and saw that the rain was getting to start. So we decided to stay into flat and to think what to do in the evening. But in the evening was raining too so we just went to the seaside to see the sunrise. We didn’t bored. In the flat we played with cards and witch from as had lose that had to do a work. It was funny.