Salut!ajutati-ma va rog imi trebu pe miine va rog din inima cine stie raspundeti@!
la engleza! contiue the fairy
Once upon a time there was a princessa.she was as beautiful as a fairy. she was a very special princess.she liked to spin. but she didn't spin wool,she span gold thread..........
va rog...........mersy pentru asta va dau 15 puncte si 8 pentru cel mai bun rs.




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This was an unusual think , in specially for all her family. When they saw that she loved to span gold thread they started to cry thinking hat it's not a good think for a beautiful princess like her. 
But one day , because of the poority , her dad , the king , became poor and didn't have so much money for her little girl to have gold thread .She became , of course , sad , because she didn't like to spon wool. After this sadness , she decided to go to a wizard who lived in the forest and asked him to give to her father the same wealth that he had. So , in a night , she ran away from the castle and went to the wizard's house. There he said that he will do it if she will become his wife. She has no choose so she became her wife , and in the next morning her father found out a lot of gold at his castle. But she saw that her little princess is not. They looked after her but they didn't find her. 
In the end , the little sad princees lived with the wizard in another house where she spon gold thread....
                 sper ca e bine. ideea mi-a venit pe moment :))/ no google translate / no internet :P 
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