Increasingly , some of the raw materials or final products, particularly complex , are found in air , water and soil. Acid rains are more frequent , due to the presence of sulfur dioxide in the air, due to the development of thermal processes and the use of inferior fuels ; are discharged into the atmosphere significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon , carbon black , metal salts and oxides , driven by exhaust gases produced harmful effects on vegetation in general , and directly or indirectly to man . At this end of the century and a new millennium , the world is in effervescence. The changes that have occurred and will occur , creates , in an optimistic vision , hopes and to remedy either and gradual environment. In general tumult of change , you have to draw another alarm linked to the environment and human survival and existence of life on Earth. " Natural environment ", ie air, oceans , seas, lakes , rivers , soil and subsoil and forms of life that these ecosystems creates and supports most common image is that the common man and do it when talking about environment. A forest , a pond or a lake , for example, each one forming an "ecosystem " that are mutually interrelated and continuous readapteaza looking for a certain balance . The totality of natural factors , determine living conditions for vegetable kingdoms , animal and rational exponent or - man , representing the natural environment. In the wild distinguish natural physical components - abiotic elements : air , water, geological substrate , relief, soil. Biotic components represents life , their bodies develop on the background of ecological sports . They appear in the form of vegetation and animals of factors depending both terrestrial and cosmic ( eg solar radiation ) which helps us understand the implications of which may be a result of changes terrestrial or cosmic , or both at the same time. The environment appears as a multi-dimensional reality that includes not only the natural environment but human activities and creations , it occupies a double position : The " component" of the environment and the "consumer" , the beneficiary of the environment. The current concept of " environment " has a dynamic character who wants to know , analyze and track operation protected systems in all their complexity .
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Comentariul a fost şters