Doresc o compunere in engleza in care sa fie vorba despre filmul TITANIC
Trebuie sa arat care: - sunt personajele (characters) + DIRECTOR(regizorul filmului)
-povestea (story)
-Efecte speciale (Special effect) (OPTIONAL)



The Titanic is a interesting dramatic film. the story is taken catastrophe that happened to the British ship. Built in 1912, "Titanic" is the largest passenger airliner in the world. During the first flight was a collision with an iceberg, and it was flooded. 
At this time, the board was 2,208 people, of which survived only 706 people. This large-scale disaster has repeatedly drawn the attention of filmmakers, and Cameron was not the first. However, his work is undoubtedly the most successful and popular. 
Against the background of the tragic events around the "Titanic" love story develops. Events occur at two times the present-1996 and the past-1912. Nowadays sunk "Titanic" examined by treasure hunters. They seek out the values ​​that are stored on the bottom. Their work highlights the TV channel CNN. In one finds surviving passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater sees his thing. She calls Brock Lovett and promises to share his secret. 
In the background of the narrative follows the story of a love was still young Rose, who on board the "Titanic" had met with a wandering artist Jack Dawson. Rose is married to Caledon Hockley, but she was unhappy and even thought about suicide, climbing on the stern of the ship. There she sees Jack and prevents this action. 
Between Rose and Jack breaks out love, but young people are unable to meet. They understand that this is true love and find a time to meet. But the story does not have to continue, because it might be a terrible crash. Jack gives his life for the salvation of Roses. And all that was left of the time - it's the memories of the time when she was experiencing happiness. Watching a movie online "Titanic" creates a romantic atmosphere and an unforgettable directed by James Kameron.Cast are : Leonardo- di Caprio, Kate  Winslet and others.
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