My mother went shopping my father is at work. my daughter is five years old. her son is sick. my grandaugter is really smart. my grandson is twelve years old today. diana's brother likes trains. my sister has the new doll. his wife went to visit her mother. her husband went to school to pick up their daughter. sper ca au fost de ajutor :D
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Mama-Mather mekes food 
tata-Dad sleeps
fiica-My daghter has a cat 
fiu-My son has a dog 
nepoata-My brother is five years niece
nepot-Nephew mather is sick
sora-Father's sister is a cop 
frate-My friend's brother makes his homework
sotie-My wife is shopping
sot-My sister's husband is abroad
sper ca te-am putut ajuta cat de cat 
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