Faceti propotiile in ordinea corespunzatoare
1. I/in the barn/late at night/was worning/with my brother
2. we/a bright yellow light/outside/saw/at about 1.50 a.m./over the corn field
3. with my husband/I/ at about 9.30/was driving home/after a trip to the cinema
4.about 100 metres dowhn the road/stopped/it/over a car
5.we/quietly/watched it/in the car/sat/and
6. in front of our house/a UFO/saw/I/last night/over the field
7.was sitting/I/by the window/at my desk



1.Late at night I was worning (? nu stiu ce ai vrut sa scrii,cuvantul nu e corect.) with my brother in the barn.
2.At about 1.50 a.m. we saw a bright yellow light over the corn field outside.
3.At 9.30 I was driving home with my husband after a trip to the cinema.
4.It stopped over a car about 100 meters down the road.
5.We quietly sat in the car and watched it.
6.Last night I saw a UFO over the field in front of our house.
7.I was sitting by the window at my desk.