Please ajutatima
Excuse me I'm looking for Albert Dock
It's over there.I'm going there myself.
Oh really?Do you work there?
Yes .I'm working on a project.
We're helping to make a youth centre.

Good afternoon,Spike!
Thar's not fair!I'm only a few minutes late.
OK.This is the routine ,everybody.We usually work to three thirty but today we're only working until three.

Ajutativa de text sa raspundeti la intrebari.
1Where does the man want to go?
2What work are the volunteers doing?
3How late is Spike?
4What are the normal hours of work?
5What's different about today?



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1)The man wants to go to Albert Dock.
2)The volunteers are helping to make a youth center.
3)Spike is a few minutes late.
4)The normal hours of work are usually three  thirty.
5)The difference is that they work less.

Hmm nu stiu sigur daca am inteles exact dar sper ca te-am ajutat.

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1 to albert dock 2 they working a new youth centre 3 its only few minutes 4 they work three thirty hours 5 the differents are:-they work three hours;-spike is lating
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