Nowdays people have great opportunities to read books if they want to.E-books are there to simplify our lives . It is known that, e-books effect the industry of publishing books because people rather read e-books than paper books.Some people choose e-books for many recisons . Firstly they are much more countable to be read.. If you have your tablet with you the possibility of reading is unlimited. Secondly they are cheaper and esily accesible. We may download them for free or for a low sum of money. Thirdly they are environnmentaly friendly.
Eu trebuie sa mai scriu cum afecteaza publicatia, apoi avantaje si dezavantaje, Concluzia :)



Those involved in the paper- book business have already foreseen the electronic environment as a new catch for those loving literature. So, the publishing houses had to answer their customers ' need to be online. For that, the business evolved twofold branches, the newest being the books and readers online. No one loses because it' s a win-win situation as I showed in the beginning. More, woods are no longer in danger of deforestation because of this business with books.
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