Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the material world, physical universe, material world or, simply, universe, nature or Mother Nature popular terms; phenomena surrounding world, the world of inorganic and organic. 
"Nature" refers to all things and beings in the universe, the surrounding physical world, including vegetation, landforms, climate, the physical fenonenele and life in general. The term does not include artificial objects created by man or made ​​by any human action. Also, the nature is different from what we call spiritual or supernatural. Size, nature can exist at the subatomic to the galactic level. 
The word originates in the Latin nature. 
Having varied uses, today the word "nature" may refer generically to the vegetable or animal, and the way things interact lifeless causing physical or geological phenomena or related to matter and energy. It also refers to what we call wild (wild animals, rocks, forests, waters, and in general those things that have not been tampered with or without the knowledge of man (or that persists regardless of its action). The totality of human actions affecting nature are contained in an anthropogenic factor. 
Nature can be generally understood as consisting of: earth, life, ecosystem, wilderness, beauty of nature, matter and energy, or nature beyond the planet Earth.ω
Finally arrived and awaited spring ....! With it, nature has taken down white robe, carried a whole winter and awoke to life!         His pale little sun rays filter through the tree branches asleep. Green grass begins to sprout. Migratory birds are returning quiet in warm countries, knowing that here, in their country unchanged will find a place where they will nest and will multiply. Ciocarlia playing with her ​​sweet voice, singing craftsmanship that delights all nature. In the air smell wonderful walks flowers. The fields and hills are seen in number multiplied plapanzii snowdrops, listening with pleasure thrill of nature. In spring the garden is a pond with fresh water and crystalline. Multicolore.Zilele flowers are only around today become longer and frumoase.Fiecare man has the desire to know his home village in the country bypassed primavara.Drumul peasants and children. Approaching the village a new season, a new piece of nature!