Dear Joan, 
I hope there away where you left a year ago, you found peace. We are good, that the school that work, writes occasionally on blogs, commented on Facebook, see you on the conference, in protest for libraries (and beyond). Life goes on as well do it but you see, my dear, it's difficult to pass through it when you leave a friend. 
Do not get mad at me Ioana but I miss you. This year I had several times when being focused on my work, I woke up because I want to write you or call you to tell you about an idea or opinion sky. Sure you would have liked ... You're not with us for a while but your place we could not fill it. I tell the girls in the office that now bears his name you readers from Special Collections, how empty it's still you. Even a colleague of Galati with whom you never met but with whom you have corresponded and I found it in my trips around the country told me that they miss you. You had to give you this gift of love without asking anything in return, and we who have had the pleasure to meet you, we are used to it. 
I miss your gentle talking, warm smile, your good thoughts, promptings friendly, chat about life and general library (separately and together). I miss waking up in the morning and read blog posts which reflect in every sentence love of books and the library profession and respect for colleagues, sincere desire to understand the world of words in any format. I think your friendship because many of us are now librarians better. I for one certainly are a better man since I met you and for that I thank you. 
Hug from afar with fondness and longing, 
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Dear John, i write to tell you, about what i do in week-end ,i like go shopping , watch T•V ,eat good cakes I meet friends go in the park and et mall I watch films and eat good that my mother cakes ,i like to listen to music and read the book of comedi • Scrisoarea pe care am scriso este despre ce fac eu intrun week-end insa tu poti schimba unele detalii
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