One day I went to the woods with some friends. On the way to the place in question, I lagged behind the group. 
Behind me was heard strange footsteps. I turned frightened, but there was no one. Along the way I walked, the steps were becoming increasingly scary. We ran and came back near my friends. I told her what happened to me and I replied that sucked. Arriving at the forest, I broke into her darkness ever more. After a few hours away, it was dark. I decided to go home, but not hit the road. We turned in a circle several times until I found a large, old house, half demolished. 
Together with a friend I went into the house. From the entrance I saw a child's head hanging by a candelaru. I ran awesome in the first room that I 
saw it because could not find the front door. There were several children tied on the bed, and a tall man with sharp knives. I ran almost dead with fear, and, by some miracle, I managed to get out. I told the fellow I saw in and we all ran to the house. Behind us were heard loud noises like someone was watching closely. Suddenly, on our left was a shadow. I turned and I saw the man in the haunted house. He held in his right hand a hatchet whose blade was shining in darkness. I started to scream and run in all directions. 
After some time, I came home magically. I told my parents what happened, but do not believe me. The next day, however, I learned that one of my friends did not 
reached home. I gave the police all the clues necessary in the hope that they will find Gina. But no track did not work. Forest Home vanished as if it was never there, and the girl's disappearance remained a mystery until today.
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