Make sentences in the present perfect simple tense wiht for or since.
exemplu:i/not be/to the dentist/two years.
i haven't been to the dentist for two years.
1)i/know my friend Paul/1997.
2)my sister /be/in hospital/several weeks.
3)he/wear glasses /a long time?
4)she/not live/at home/February.
5)i/not see /my cousin/last summer.
vreau si traducere ' neaparat
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1) I have known my friend Paul since 1997
Il cunosc pe prietenul meu din 1997
2) My sister has been in hospital for several weeks.
Sora mea a fost in spital de cateva saptamani.
3)He has worn glasses for a long time.
El a purtat ochelari de mult timp.
4)she hasn't lived at home since February.
Ea nu a locuit acasa din februarie.
5)I haven't seen my cousin since last summer.
Nu mi-am vazut verisorul de vara trecuta.
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