Past simple :
1 I forgot my notebook
2 I ate a cake
3 You went to school
4 We danced at the party
5 It was very strange
6 He was there yesterday
7 You wrote a beautiful poem
8 She bought a very expensive dress
9 They were very excited about the party
10 He was very special to me
ma mai gandesc la inca 10 bine?
da ce inseamna past simple ca am uitat
trecut simplu
I walked - Eu m-am plimbat                                                                               went to school by bus                                                                                   Dad was working in his garden all morning. .
Raoul were acting like his father. 
They were not being a good model. 
Was he being good to you?                                                                                In the past people believed that the earth was flat.                                              was reading a book.                                                                                        John Loud invented the ballpoint pen in 1888.                                                    All of as worked really hard to make this society 
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