Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
A common and boring day, perfect for wandering through past and present mind. I sit in the window and look out the window at the trees left nude and helpless. Knowing him this spring green, I can not help wondering why they can not keep the leaf color and pure youth. Instead of answering, my ears perceive a rustle of dry leaves. Thought complements the rest of the answer: it's the law of nature. Some are born, live and taste the joys of life, while others have only joy instead of hope. The latter make their bags and heading for new horizons, hidden from the world. 
A ray of sunshine shameful, east of the clouds, I bring mind today. I gently stroked before and immediately feel admiration for the creation of nature. A slight smile in the corner of my mouth springs and sip eyes with pleasure the appearance of the sun. I remember summer mornings. I miss the birds happy, day by day the swallows twittering in the window to open and sprinkle them on the windowsill grains. 
Enjoyment takes little tired of summer heat because the sun is hiding behind a hill while the largest moon appears, as usual, proud and graceful. Evening brings a cold wind. It blows all the leaves down and stirs. The atmosphere is bleak, I feel that nature behaves enemies, dispelling carpet rust in the four corners. Through the open window the wind makes its way into the room. It smells cold. It smells like autumn. 
It's good to be home, in a warm, loving and safe.
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