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My favorite piece of cloth is the skirt.
I like it the most because it makes me feel like Im floating and it gives me energy. Long skirts seem to old for me, so I like to wear them before the knee. I have so many colourful and cool skirts, even for winter, because no season can stop me to wear the skirt that matches the weather. 
I love shopping for skirts with my best friend or my mom. I don't choose glittery skirts cause they just seem to bright and disturbing for my eyes. I love pieces of colourful models or cool inscriptions on it, although it's hard to find those types of skirts. However, I looove skirts because they make me feel comfortable and confident in myself , and it also makes me look nice! (What's your favourite piece of cloth?).

Știu că e groaznică compunerea XD ...dar măcar ai un model și poți modifica.

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