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Trebuie de facut propozitii cu aceste idiomuri din listă pentru a spune cât de des ai face următoarele lucruri:

Use the appropriate idioms from the list to tell how often you do the following things:
• have a short nap during the day
• take a walk and enjoy nature’s beauty
• do physical exercise
• soak in the bathtub
• dance, sing
• do yoga, meditation
• listen to music to relax
• swim
• go out with friends or family
• attend concerts, art performances
• laugh, smile
• encourage and love yourself
• do something you love, just for fun
• bask in the sun
• read a good book
• watch a good movie



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Uh nu stiu daca am inteles exact cerinta. >_<

~Whenever Im tired, i'm having a short nap during the day.
~Im taking a walk and enjoy nature's beauty in weekends, when I have more time for myself.
~I usually do physical exercise.
~I soak in the bathtub every time I come home .
~I dont dance and sing very often.
~I do yoga and I meditate every evening, when the atmosphere it's calm.
~I listen to music to relax every night, before I go to sleep because it helps me falling asleep faster.
~I rarely swim.
~I go out with my friends and family every sunday.
~I dont attend concerts and art performances usually, because they never take part in my city.
~I try to laugh or smile every moment of the day.
~I cant encourage and love myself when nobody its besides me.
~I do something I love often, just for fun (and relaxation)..
~I bask in the sun twice a year, in summer.
~Im trying weekly to read a good book.
~Only in every weekend, Im home with my best friend to watch a good movie.
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Poti sa schimbi si tu daca crezi ca e gresit sau ...
sper sa fie asa corect, sincer nici noi nam inteles bine cerinta, stim ca trebuie de format propozitii cu astea. sper sa fie bine.Multumesc
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