The internet. It's always around us these days and we have to assume that we need it . Despite that, it has his own good and bad points. A good one would be that we can socialize more with people around us with the special sites for that. Another would be that we can find the informations we need and know the news easier. But there are also bad points as I said earlier. A bad one is that it creates dependence and it can influence us in a bad way. Many children uses the internet and not all the people have good intentions . Another would be the ghost sites where many people can be tricked . 
Traducerea: Internetul. Este mereu in jurul nostru in zilele astea si trebuie sa recunoastem ca avem nevoie de el. In ciuda faptului asta, are propriile puncte bune proaste. Unul bun ar fii ca putem socializa mai mult cu oamenii din jurul nostru cu site-urile speciale pentru asta. Altul ar fii ca putem gasii informatile de care avem nevoie mai usor. Dar cum am precizat mai sus sunt si puncte rele. Unul ar fii ca poate crea dependenta si ne poate influenta intr-un mod rau. Multi copiii folosesc internetul si nu toti oamenii au intentii bune . Altul ar fii site-urile fantoma unde multi oameni pot fii pacaliti. 
Sper ca ti-am fost de ajutor ! :) .
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From my point of view the internet is very useful.Because of his help we read books that we can not borrow from the library or you can buy them at bookstores, kiosks and shops Aleta.The Internet can also help teme.Unde not know we can use the Internet and rezolva.Nu we go without doing his homework.On one side is better to use the internet but some is not good.Because stand staring at the computer much risk we have to wear glasses and other eye diseases.Once a teacher told me that if you wait an hour in front of the computer is like two hammers in cap.In then your brain lazy.Therefore, it is both good and bad to stay at calculator.Este good but not very much
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