Internet is a fashionable technology and everyone keeps acheving it.
Internet has its own good and bad parts.
First of all, the advantages of internet are that people from all categories can surf the web and search for useful informations about...pretty much everything. (mai zici tu de ce si daca poti dai exemple). Then, it is an enjoyable way to relax , because you can watch TV shows online and any other entertainig things, like cartoons, and even news. Also, people chat on the internet, especially on the social media (facebook, twitter etc). We can listen to music, watch interviews and get to know things way easier about some celebrities we love/like.
Second of all, internet can be even an obsession for some people. It can take time away from our activities like conversations, game, hanging out with friends and visiting our relatives (etc). Gradually, it will make us homestuck and captivated in this imense universe on which everything its foundable online. It will make us lazier and now, we even stay up all night and we don't have enough sleep, which can affect our health and also, our eyes! ....
 In conclusion (nu stiu daca asa se zice si in engleza), the internet has its own advantages and disadvanteges, but we must learn to controll it and .... (mai zici si tu).
 E modelul meu ..poti sa-l mai modifici  si sa mai adaugi de la tine daca doresti..Mi se pare naspa XD , e cam prima data cand fac o astfel de compunere o.o .... :*
Sau este si pe net, gen asta: The internet. It's always around us these days and we have to assume that we need it . Despite that, it has his own good and bad points. A good one would be that we can socialize more with people around us with the special sites for that. Another would be that we can find the informations we need and know the news easier. But there are also bad points as I said earlier. A bad one is that it creates dependence and it can influence us in a bad way. Many children uses
the internet and not all the people have good intentions . Another would be the ghost sites where many people can be tricked .