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I love myself.
Love yourself!
When he learns the truth, he blinds himself in dispair.
She smiled to herself.
He says that task is somenthing that each campus will need to do for itself.
We shook ourselves dry on the porch , and now he thinks he can come back and pick up where he left of.
You're in uncharted terittory there ,but I trly believe you owe it to yourselves  to at least try.
Why had they allowed themselves to completely lose control?
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I decided to tell myself that I am beautiful. 
You need to do it by yourself. 
He doesn't have trust in himself. 
She is going there all by herself. 
The dog it's home all by itself. 
We should go home all by ourselves.
Yourselves are the most beautiful people. 
Themselves like all about the way they are thinking. 
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