Trbuie de pus verbele la forma corecta. Put the verb into the correct form.

1. The swimming pool ... (open) at 9:00 tomorrow morning.
2. Please, do not make so much noise. I ... (try) to concentrate.
3. I ... (play) the piano when I ... (hear) someone coming in.
4. Nick ... (has) a great time in London these days.
5. Ann has just started evening classes. She ... (learn) Spanish.
6. How long ... (you train) for the competition?
7. Steve ... (just, finish) his classes.
8. I ... (get) tired. I’ve been studying the whole af- ternoon.
9. The population of the world ... (increase) very fast.
10. I can’t help you right now. I ... (not finish) my homework.
11. Eminescu ... (write) many poems.
12. ... your sister (play) volley-ball?
13. What ... (you, do) this time yesterday?
14. He ... (constantly, play) computer games. He should study more.
15. My classmate likes to write. He ... (write) some nice poems.
16. Ann ... (read) seven out of 15 books recommended by the teacher.
17. ... (you ever, try) doing aerobics?
18. This suitcase is heavy. I ... (help) you.
19. The trainer ... (be present) at seven o’clock next Fri- day.
20. Nick ... (play) chess with his friend all morning.



1) will be open
2) i try
3) i was playing , i heared
4)Nick has
5)she learned
6)are you training
8)i am get
9 is increasing
10)im not finished
11) has wrote
12)is your sister paying
1)what you was doing
14)constantly was  playing
15)he wrote
16)is reading
17)are you try ever
18)will helping
19)will be present
20) was playing