Trebuie de inclus cuvintul care corespunde in propozitiile de mai jos. Iata cuvintele, si mai jos de cuvinte aveti propozitiile :
1. give up something 2. head off 3. take up something 4. work out 5. while away 6. look forward to some- thing/doing something 7. hang out 8. flip/flick through

a). Peter was a professional tennis player, but he had to _____________ it because of an injury.
b) My sister has ________ stamp collecting as a hobby.
c) I’ve joined a health and fitness club, I go there every day to_________ for an hour.
d) I’m really _________ reading this book; they say it is an interesting one.
e) We had to_________ really early for our trip to the countryside.
f). When I have spare time I enjoy ______ women’s magazines.
g). On Saturdays and Sundays I usually ________ with my friends.
h) We love __________ our days off, doing some shopping or just chatting.

cine face corect, dau cel mai bun raspuns


A) give up something
b) while away
c) take up something
d)look forward to something
e)work out
f) flip, flick through
g) hang out
h)head off
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