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Shutter Island and InceptionThere are so many great actors and actresses that it is very difficult for me to choose 
my favourite one. Sometimes I like an actor just because he/she is in a good film, and 
other times I like him/her because of the good things they do apart from acting, likecharity work  .,my favorite actor in Hollywood is Leonardo DiCaprio. I was fascinated by his acting skills and the movies which he chose were unique. Every movie gave him an edge over his acting skills. He entered into Hollywood in the year 1991. The Best movies of him, according to my perception were Titanic, The Beach, Blood DiamondLeonardo DiCaprio acted in Christopher Nolan science fiction Inception (2010). Dream was the concept used by Nolan in Inception. Inception is my personal favorite movie. The way every character was depicted in the movie and the acting skills of DiCaprio was , Body of Lies,simply mind-blowing :) bn ? ☻
Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters
atata am putut sa fac sc ... :)
ms :)
Comentariul a fost şters