Va rog frumos as vrea o compunere nu mare despre animalul meu preferat in Engleza. Va rog cine m-a va ajuta v-a primi 30 de puncte si il voi nota cu multumesc si cel mai bun raspuns. Va rog este urgent



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My dog is Max. He has curly hair and white. It's a very playful and smart. It trained since two months. He now has seven months and is a good runner. This is my dog.
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Every Saturday I go with him to walk . He has a red collar that go great with his white fluff. When I play him , is a very smart and very playful puppy......Asta este continuarea ,dar baga aceste prop. inainte de This is my dog
My favorite animal is tiger. Ist very strong and he have avery good speed.HIS fur is orange  and black.HE lives in Africa.he have one hundred spses.