1. Where did you sleeped last night ?
     I sleeped at my home.
2. Where you did your homeworks ?
    I did my homeworks at my best friend.
3. Where you got your driving license ?
 At the drivers school in Brooklyn,New York.
4.  Where you eat chineese food ?
  At the new restaurant in the city.
5. Where you can buy a train ticket ?
  At the train station.
6. Where you learned to dance like that ?
 I learned to dance like that at the Dance school
7. Where you worked before 1992 ?
 I worked at a Big Company in America.
8. Where i can go to a good school ?
 You can go to Great Britain.
9. Where you have born ?
 I was born in Romania.
10. Where you learned to swim ?
 At the swimming pool.
te roggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!E URGENT!!!!!
Pai tu nu vezi ca propozitiile care le-am pus au At,in..
1) Where are going?
    I'm going to the theatre to relax after school!
 2) Where do you live?
     In Great Britain. What about you?
 3) Where are you? I can't see you!
     I'm here, near the house!
 4) Where is the cinema?
     Near the shop.
 5) Where are you doing your homework?
     In my room, beacouse there is very quiet.
 6) Where is he going?
     At school. He has morning lessons.
7) Where is that girl?
     Is here. She was waiting for you.
8) Where do you learn?
    At the school number 4.
9) Where is the class?
   Here. Enter, please.
10)Where are you going to go in the holiday?
     I don't know...