Does he love me? , She does her homework. , Does he play video games?, She does list. He does some exercices.
I live in Bucharest. She lived in that house for 3 years. We live while we're young.
She really likes you. I don't like geography. We like to go to concerts. They like to go to theater. 

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Does she live in a hotel?
Does he play computer games?
Does it have a tail?
Does she make a chocolate cake?
Does he start watching TV?
I live in Chicago.
She lives in a big house.
They don`t live in France.
She likes her photo.
He likes your dress.
She likes chocolate.
He likes playing computer games.
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buna Myanna , azi nu pot sa vb pt ca am zbor cu avionul pana in spania , nici can ajung nu pot sa vb ca o sa fiu abosita , mai vb maine
Myanna esti ocupata??