Dear Jane.Thank you for your party . I can't wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it !I didn't really expected a sleepover party to be much fun ,but yours was extremely enjoyable . The music was grate and your birthday cake was delicious. Your family is wonderful . Though I like them all i like your mother best . We had lots of fun play games .It wasn't nice of Linda to say I was 'crazy' .However , I didn't mind that much ! Sorry for the mess after the pillow fight .Hope your mother didn't see it ... I was a party special , after all . Perhaps you can come to m place too.I do hope soLove,TracyIntrodu aici întrebarea ta . SUNT 3 GRESELI MI LE PUTETI IDENTIFICA



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1.i didn't really expect not expected. 2.the music was great not grate. 3..we had lots of fun playing games not play games. It was a special party afterall not I was a special party. Sper ca te-am ajutat! :)
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