As dori o compunere despre un eveniment important in engleza

Din perspectiva spectatorului, a executantului, cum se organizeaza...... Cum?
Un eveniment din important in viata unei persoane
aaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ok. Cat de mare?
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One of the most important events in our lives is when we first speak. You know that moment when you think something very hardly, but yoy can't tell anyone about it? That frustrating momentmoment when you feel that you are alone, and nobody understands you? That's exactly how we feel before we start speaking. We can make some sounds, but no one understands what we say. I think that when we start to speak is the most important event in our lives. We can't remember, but there is the biggest struggle. Remember that struggle, that hardly need for saying something? And after those words hardly spoken, how free you felt? Without talking to people, life is nearly impossible. And without knowing how to tell people how we feel like, all is wrong. Starting talkings looks like no deal at the first sight, but if you put it in that perpesctive, it's clearly an important event. (Scz pentru unele greseli da sunt pe telefon si stii cum e cand tastele sunt mici ;) lel)
Ma descurc eu multumesc mult:)
:) ok . sper ca a fost oarecum de ajutor