It all started in candy-land, the holy land of candies. Everything was made out of candy. There was peace, until the evil prince Potato showed up. Using his powers and his army, he took over the candy land, now called french fries land. That's the way it is until miss Cherry decides to fight for the rights of candies. One day, miss Cherry was going to the capital city masked as a potato, of couse, to rescue her friends from sclavery. Candies were put to live in small enclosures. She was in front of the Fries Door, which opened the Place of Justice of Potato Land. She entered and talkes to the judge. 'And, yea, what about the last case' she said. 'You will be surprised, but you know the Mayo guy? He actually....' The judge didn't have to finish his sentence as miss Cherry used a pen tranquilizer, whis is designed as a pen, so hard to be seen. She took his body, and put it under the Supreme Table. Using her loyer rights, she entered in the secret room of justice and hit all the guards there. Still undercover, she found the key for the enclosure where all the candies were. Then, they all attacked the potatoes and defeat the evil prince. Miss Cherry was now the leader and candy land was free again. (Poate mai sunt greseli, da ma rog) The end (Lol, nu intreba de unde cu ideea)
scz pt intrebari,dar nu as vrea sa fiu in pom si pomu'-n aer
Ummmm 'Miss Cherry the hero'. E vorba despre taramul acadelelor, peste care pune stapanire printul cartof. Miss Cherry, avocat, se infiltreaza in baza unde acadelele erau inchise. Le salveaza, inving armata cartofilor. Pace din nou, miss Cherry liderul.
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Cu placereeeeeeeeeeeeeee