Of course, what is an ideal holiday for one person may be a very unpleasant one for another. If I were allowed to choose my own holiday, l would have no doubts: I would go on a voyage in a modern passenger ship with a swimming pool. Even if my sportsman friend and my lazy friend came with me, they would both be happy: one would have plenty of games, swimming and dancing; the other could sit in a comfortable chair ali day, looking at the sea and drinking lemonade or beer. In a ship one can do as one likes, when one likes.                   If one day l find an interesting book in the ship's library, I can spend the whole day reading it, and nobody will stop me. Perhaps the next day I shall want some exerdse. Well, then I can play games with other passengers until I am hot and sweating and ready for a bath. I can go and sleep in my cabin at any time of the day or night, I can get cheap drinks during most of the day, and I can eat as I like, choosing among a varíety of foods.
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I like to have a holiday t sea. what I like even more about a sea voyage is the chance to meet new and interesting people from many countries. What other kind of holiday gives us such a chance? Free from ali the duties of life at home, we can talk, play games, swim, drink and dance with our new friends. They can tell us about their own countries, their daily lives and amusements, their hopes and their fears. And in return we can tell them ali about ourselves.But perhaps the greatest pleasure of a sea holiday is coming to new ports in strange lands, and going ashore for a few hours to see strange places, eat strange food and hear a strange language talked around us. Whenever I think of my ideal holiday, it is the picture of a mysterious foreign city that comes to my mind.