Hi mom, dad, how are you? 
I want to tell you both about the person I can't wait for you to meet. My friend, the person I love and have chosen to love, the person I hope and pray you will accept as your future son-in-law, he has the kindest, most honest heart of anyone I have ever met.that he has the steadfastness of character that I used to think existed only in novels. That he will make a wonderful father. That anyone would be proud to welcome him into their family. I have not gone into this blindly, and nor has he. We feel confident and hopeful that we can build a compatible, loving life together, acknowledging our differences but celebrating all that we share: our love of cooking, our closeness with family, our shared political outlook, our desire to move back up north once we are done having our London adventure, and when the time is right for us all; when we are ready to meet one another, it perfect,  I hope you welcome him with the fair-minded openness that I love you both for.