Hey am nevoie urgent de urmatoarea compunere la engleza!!!!You have to received a lovely present from one of your reletives.Write a 'thank you' letter.Use but,however and (al)though.Multumesc anticipat.E urgeeennnnntttt!!!!



Hello uncle.
Thank you so much for this lovely present. I never thought you would send me such a wonderful thing , I really wished it. But I don't think I can send something to you back, unfortunately, because Im a little sick. Although Im not felling well, Ill try to contact my sister and help me, i really wanted to send you something too. However, as soon as I get healthy, I will visit you and my cousin.
                                                            With love, *..sccrie ce nume vrei*. 
                     Sper ca e Ok si la timp....>-<