Forma corecta: I`m doing/I do odd jobs now and then.

She`s running /She runs her own business from home and alway has.

I`m working /I work this weekend , I`m afraid.

she`s a bit of a show off/ a bit too show-off

he`s a quite fun to be with/ a bit of fun to be with




I'm doing- deoarece inca mai fac asta
she's running- deoarece inca isi mai conduce afacerea...
i'm working- deoarece  a spus si cand ( in weekend) daca spunea i am working era acum...
a bit too show-off -  deoarece a bit of a show off- o bucatica din e bine
he's quite fun to be with-deoarece a bit of fun to be with= o bucatica de distractie sa fi e bine
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