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Halloween is a celebration of Celtic origin, taken today by many nations in the western world, spreading it in the nineteenth century by Irish immigrants in the United States. It is celebrated on the night of October 31, although in some countries the celebration date varies - for example, in Sweden is celebrated on the first Saturday in November. The name comes from the English, the phrase All Hallows' Even, the name of the Christian feast of All Saints, Halloween celebration that has become associated in Western countries where Christianity prevails - Catholic and Protestant, as these Christian denominations, All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1. Specifically for Halloween carved pumpkin, which is Jack's Lantern. During this holiday, kids masks in wizards, mummies and other characters and wander the house asking "Trick or Treat" (Fools or sweets) as a threat that unless they are given sweets, carols person shall be play a farce. In other countries, Halloween is celebrated with parades and carnivals

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Something else that is specific to this holiday as a habit, but to us it was not over yet, is that in this night the children dress up in the weirdest and scary costumes, the witches, mummies, skeletons, ghouls and other sinister characters and wander the house asking the question "Trick or treat?", which would translate "shenanigans or sweets?". This sentence shall be construed as a threat that if they do not get candy, then the person who has been wandering i will make a farce, writes curierul