Traduceti :
1)Li s-a cerut sa pregateasca un raport pentru maine .
2) Mi s-a spus ca ai fost obraznic azi
3) Li s-a citit o poveste inainte de culcare .
4) Li s-a cerut sa ia o hotarare inainte de pranz .
5)S-a decis sa plece cu toti in excursie .
6) Mi s-a trimis o ilustrata de la mare .
7) Mi s-a cautat rezultatul . Nu afost gasit inca .
8) Cred ca ti s-a spus despre acesta problema .
9) Stia ca i s-a spus s-o faca .
10)Crezi ca i s-a explicat ce are de facut ?
Va rog !!!!!!! Urgent !!!!!



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1They have been asked to prepare a report for tomorrow. 2. I was told you had been rude earlier today. 3. They had been read a bed-time story before going to sleep. 4. They were asked to take a decision before lunch. 5. It has been decided that they all went on that trip. 6. I have been sent a postcard from the seaside. 7. My result has been looked for but it hasn't been found yet. 8. I believe you have been informed about this problem. 9. She knew she had been told to do it. 10. Do you think he has been explained what to do?
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Sau, 10.....he has been informed about what to do? 6. A seaside view postcards has been sent to me.