Every day in the world appears a lot of different problems from any kind. For example diseases, kills, poverty, famine, etc. Each one has different impact in the people that in some cases are common and don’t cause any reaction. However the serious problem that the world has is the global warming.

Firstly, global warming during the last years has become a big problem in the world because it is causing that the weather changes constantly and produce negative effect in the life of the people as for example in the farm, where people produce in specific dates but today it si a little impossible because of the weather. Also the animals are getting sick because they don’t custom to these severe changes.

Secondly, global warming affects the glaciers that are the main organism that regulate the weather and try to control it. Every day a lot of glaciers are getting melt and it is devastating because in the future we will not have them to regulate the weather.

We have a lot of ways how the global warming is originated as for example the pollution from factories, cars and machines. The exaggerate consume of eat that make that a lot of farmer increment the production of cattle and as a result they need more supplement to try to cover all the necessities form the people. It causes that more resources form the nature being consume and we force to the earth give more they it can produce.

As we can see, is very important to be conscious about this serious problem that is affecting our planet and if we don search the manner how to improve it, in next year we are suffering the consequences.