Corwall has plenty to offer those who are interested in art and literature. Many artists and writers have lived and worked there.Famous names include the sculptor Barbara Hepworth, who had her studio in St Ives the writer Daphne du Maurier, who wrote the best-selling novels Rebecca and Jamaica Inn ,and the poet John Betjeman.Also in St Ives there is a branch of the famous art gallery, the Tate.Like many beautiful places in the world there is another side to Cornwall,which visitors do not always see. Cornwall is quite isolated and , apart from tourism, there is a not a lot of work for local people.Mining and fishing, which were once major industies , have almost disappared and there is a high level of unemployment.The result is that many young Cornish people move away to places where they are more likely to find jobs.Corwall may sound lke a tourists' paradise , but local people know that life can be hard when the visitors leave.Este continuarea va rog, dau si la aceasta puncte. si sa raspunda si aici doar cine stie.




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Of course it's a tourist centre but when people leave it , it's getting harder. Cornwall becomes wilderness. Everything and everywhere is wilderness. For people who lives there is difficult to know that there are not new people who want to talk with them . Just sometimes there come a few people to visit something interesting from there , but then they leave. But , in time , people learn to live with this sadness , but this became a generality . So , this is Cornwall , and its sad story behing the beautiful tourist centres from there. 
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