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It's a typical day weekend , when I remember it's actually much awaited day for all children. The day of horror and terror . It's Halloween . I gladly give fluffy bed and I begin to make my plans for the day had just begun .
I take some money and I go off to the store to buy some clothes . I find what I was looking . A vampire-zombie costum with a few drops of blood. Finaly, I was finished, and I went at home.
Behind me there was a rustling . The first time I got scared, and I turn to  watching what can be.
In the next moment , a cold hand grabbed my neck and said:
 -You're Mine! Will you come with me !

  I almost fainted from fear , but I listened . When I turned to see who it is I saw a frightening creature with two heads, that drew every 3 pairs of tongues, with thick neck and black leather , have tail that ends with a spear , supported by three legs of the elephant . Show awful !!!
   I was terrified but I took courage and followed him . He spoke some words misunderstood by anyone and invisible door opened , going somewhere below ground , where they could hear only moans of pain. 
They were just terrible monsters and vampires who savagely killed victims . There were terrifying zombies trying to catch you and rips you . Ghosts circulated after another cries removing that you simply terrified. We arrived near a big wheel , and I was stripped of everything. Two zombie put me on the wheel , and some spears came through my skin. I was screaming  out of pain ... In that moment I woke up soaking wet ! It was a dream. Only now start Halloween day. But I  giving up the idea to  ​​going alone at.

Nu stiu cat e de buna compunerea si de groaza, dar macar am incercat!

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