Think of an incredible event that has happened to you (your relatives, friends, acquaintances) or you have witnessed and retell it using reflexive pronouns as emphasis.



Oh, how I love good memories! Honestly. Of course, though, in life there is both good and bad, because without one of them, we wouldn't know the other. But let's focus on the good for the moment. I have to admit, choosing one incredible event in my life to tell is hard, as there's been so many! Alright, then... One of the best moments of my life was the second I stepped foot on British ground. Oh, the glory! Well, not really 'glory', but nonetheless. I remember feeling completely shocked about how lucky I was, but also extremely anxious. My brother seemed pretty lost, but that was the one thing that I didn't feel. We had a ab take us to our hotel, and I was almost the only one that spoke to the driver, permanently asking what this and that were. The old man just seemed amused, but answered all my questions. The entire week we spent there we visited as much of the city as we could. London is huge! I swear you wouldn't be able to see everything there even if you spent all your life there. And it's totally not boring! Every minute there was a thrill. The best part of it was probably just walking along Thames. It's so beautiful! But double-deckers, cabs, Tower Bridge and Big Ben were incredible, too. Since then, I've visited London four more times, and also saw a lot of other cities all over Britain, Germany, France and Austria. I just have so many beautiful memories!