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Home to me were some strange things happened ... but that after seven years since he died a grandmother of mine .... as you know the seven years must unearth the dead, but my parents are away on Italy could not ...

One evening, my sister comes with her sister, along with my brother, take some honey ... it was night, the darkness, and she asked me to bring sweetness, but because it was in the basement and it was very dark, I told my brother to go to him after the sweetness ...

When he's back, gave sweetness, then my brother sister went ...

Not to scare my sister, told me what happened to me ... went to the cellar, the light from the lighter and while looking after sweetness, was heard behind him a deep breath ... to returned and there was no one ...

I did not believe and I went in
me ... after about an hour I put to sleep but I could not sleep because I was bullied shortly ... steps were heard on the roof ... !!!

I went in my room and I went faster in my brother's room, even if he was in bed with my sister, his wife, I have not noticed and I told them ... he replied "Now 'believe me?"

We both went outside and saw a huge shadow, like it was a creature with goat legs ... I got scared so much that I stuck everything ... Then I went into the house and after a minute to hear slam the gate very strong ...

That night I did not sleep at all but the bad part was that the events continued strong long ... and scariest episodes ... I wish I do not even remember them ... for example, could be heard from under the house my bangs some strong, like exploding bombs .... and only three times a day, every day at the same time ...

It was awful ... I lived a horror story

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