Leonardo da Vinci:Possessing a sprawling intellect that touched astoundingly diverse areas of knowledge, but suffering from a tendency to assume too many projects in various fields, and failing to complete most 
Milestones 1466 Began his career as an apprentice to Florentine artist Andrea del Verrochio 

1470 Contributed a kneeling angel to Verrochio's Baptism of Christ. Leonardo's angel is generally considered superior to Verrochio's central figures.1481 Began painting Adoration of the Magi, an unfinished work that reveals his technique of beginning with a dark painting surface and adding elements of light, unlike most painters of his time who started with outlined figures on a white surface 

1485 While serving the duke of Milan as a military advisor, painted The Virgin of the Rocks, which demonstrated his use of sfumato, a technique he developed for blending tones to create a soft glow and sense of atmosphere 
1495-1497 At Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, painted The Last Supper, ...