According to Wikipedia, fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Simply, thus, fashion is a popular style that generally looks good and trendy. Then, do you think fashion is important? Well, I think so.
Long time ago, fashion was used to identify people’s class. It was important to identify whether he/she is noble or not. In middle age, nobles wore dresses with fancy lace with some jewels. This is an example of how fashion was used in middle age. Then, how does fashion is used in modern time? According to Debates.Org, an online debates site, shows that 74percent of people said “yes” to the question of “Is Fashion important?” and they said fashion is the expression of a person itself, and it shows the key of the person. For instance, a man with dreadlocks and tight jeans is likely to catch people’s attention. This may be a positive or negative thing depending on their perspective, but people are likely to give him a second glance. A person's personal style says a lot about who he/she is and how others portray him/her. Also, a person in a suit is more likely to be portrayed positively at a job interview than a person in a crumpled shirt and wrinkled pants. A person wearing professional makeup and a dress is more likely to make a positive impression than someone in a t-shirt and jeans at the job interview.

As to conclude, fashion is very important to show who you are and gives first expression on you. Also, fashion helps you to have confidence on yourself. If you think you are not good on fashion, don’t worry. Someday, your fashion will be one of the most popular fashions, maybe.

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