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We know that fashion is a popular style and practice. But fashion is not for all . Is just for people who likes it or who wants to practice it in the future. 
But fashion is very imoprtant in whenever moment for all days and all the time , so you must know the answer at the question " What clothes may I wear today?"
So, we must know that your clothes  must be beautiful , arranges , so and so .You must look at yourself in the morning when you go to school , or in the evening when you go at a party . So it's important to wear correctly with beautiful clothes. I don't think that it's important to have designer clothes , but it's Ok to have them too . 
Fashion is very important for me and for all . Fashion depends from us. For exemple : you cannot go at school with a yellow dress with red shoes , or you cannot go at a party with green jeans and blue T-shirt. It could be funny to see someone who's dressing like this.
 What I mean with "fashion and fashionable'? I mean that clothes are the way to exprime our state...
SO , in the end , fashion is very important for me , for all , for designers and for doctors too :)). Somehow , all of us are people :))). Fashion is for people!
                          compunerea nu este luata de pe internet , poti sa si cauti daca vrei :))/ nu m-am folosit de google translate sau porcarii dinastea , ci din propriul vocabular. sper ca iti place !!

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