Ajutati-ma va rog, imi trebuieste pina la ora 4. Va multumesc frumos. Think of how the text could have ended: "The neediest case"

We had taken provisions for an
overnight stay on the Blanketti
, a day's journey
below our camp. But to our disappointment the lions there were very scarce.On
the second morning we were just about to return when I sighted ahandsome lion
seated on his haunches beside a six-foot anthill. In the grass at hisfeet I
could see the vague outline of another lion.It was a lioness. Beside her ,
crouching but curious, was a cub not more than sixmonths old. Perhaps it was
because the father lion knew that we saw his family thathe suddenly came a few
steps toward us and growled. As the lion moved, we saw hewas limping from a
hind leg that was stiff and across his rump ran a long scar asbroad as my hand
that could only have been made by the spear of a native.We saw now that he was
all skin and bones and so were his wife and the only son



We grabed something from our provisions and we trought them the food.We saw how happy they were so we trought them all the food we had.We had to go back because we didn't had any food left but when we were reddy to leave we saw the lion and his family coming right to us so friked out. We got back to the car but when the lion get right besides us he put some meat from his jaws on the grownd. After that he lived. We think he hunted something and he wanted to thank us because we helpped him and his family. About an eyer after that we came back to that place. We saw three lions and ofcourse one of them was the cup. We were happy that we halped the lions and that they survived!